Our Story

The story of BELFAMA starts in 1959 with José Júlio Varela, he was a visionary and an entrepreneur. After some years mastering the art and craft of textile, at the age of 24, he gave wings to its dreams, founding the company. By the 70’s, important investments were made and BELFAMA started the production of refined exclusive terry products. From there, to total vertical production, having one of the first Open End spinning mill in Portugal, it was a simple matter of time. By the 90’s BELFAMA was already a consolidated company with over 200 employees.

About Us

Founded in 1959, BELFAMA is rooted in the Portuguese textile tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and integrity. Our ambition is to deliver new perspectives on terry products by expanding our heritage with creativity, technology and forward-looking materials.


Who We Are

After several years of growth and affirmation, BELFAMA today follows its proposes, through a third generation for which its greatest ambition is to produce terry products efficiently, with quality and sustainability, treating the environment and people fairly.


Integrity, Innovation & Inclusion.


To create exceptional products for our customers driving them to success.


To make the best terry products on earth without leaving any trace on the environment and pass to the next generation a stronger and more sustainable company than the one entrusted to us.

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BELFAMA was founded on the gounds of an old yarn dyeing company called Zanina.
We started producing simple fabrics with a small manual dyeing section and some semi automatic looms.
The dreams and hopes of a simple working man were launched.

BELFAMA was transformed in a Ltd society where Mr. Júlio Varela, wife and the 3 sons became owners of the company that increased the capital to 75.000 EUR.
With the technological advances in weaving, BELFAMA invested in 24 new automatic looms.
BELFAMA stepped up with the verticalization of the production process with the introduction of brand-new OPEN-END spinning mill, one of the first units in the country.
To enhance quality of the products a new finishing area is build and equipped with the best equipment’s available.
BELFAMA starts a new investment cycle, renewing the entire weaving sector being the first company in Portugal equipped with Dornier air jet looms.
BELFAMA became a FAIRTRADE producer.
Following our DNA based on sustainability we’ve decided to start an investment plan to reduce substantially our carbon footprint.
After long years working with organic cotton, BELFAMA implemented and was certified by GOTS.